Work Ethics Rules


Catsis Felt industry,   acts according to the principle of accuracy and honesty in all of its business relationships, in its all works and activities and in its relationships with all shareholders and other parties.


Confidential and proprietary information includes the trade secrets belonging to Catsis Felt industry, which can cause disadvantages in terms of competition, the financial information, designs, technical information, which are not made public yet, the information related to the employee personal rights, the information under the confidentiality agreements with other parties and the like.

Catsis Felt industry, takes care of the privacy of our customers, employees and other relevant people and institutions and the protection of the proprietary information. The company officers protect the confidential information related to the company activities, use the information only in accordance with the purposes of the company and shares the information with the relevant people only within the determined authorities. They do not take out the owned works such as confidential information, documents, specifications, pictures, projects, regulations, etc. while leaving the company. They do not use and copy any of the software developed in the company or purchased from outside without any authority and permission. They do not use the e-mail system of the company for their personal works. However, in case of the use, they are deemed to waive the confidentiality of the personal information.

Conflict of Interests

Employees of Catsis Felt industry.  avoid the actions to conclude with the clash of interests. They take care of the protection of the interests of the company and avoid any actions and behaviors meaning the interest for themselves or their relatives. There is no permission to obtain inappropriate personal interests due to the clash of the company interests and personal interests and due to the position of the employees and to provide for the relative or 3rd parties with interests.

Our Responsibilities

Catsis Felt industry,  takes care of the performance of the responsibilities of not only the shareholders, but also the society and other parties.

 Our Legal Responsibilities

Employees of  Catsis Felt industry.  comply with the laws of the Turkish Republic and when required, international law norms and rules, while carrying out all the working processes and relationships. They approach the institutions and organizations without any expectation for interests, stand impartially and at an equal distance towards the non-governmental organizations and political parties. They report the comprehensible information to the institutions and organizations accurately and timely.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

Catsis Felt industry considering the perception that customer satisfaction is the priority, works with the sensitivity towards the needs and requests of the customer and with the proactive perception. It offers the products and services to the customers timely and under the promised conditions. It always carries out the communication with the customer respectfully and within the rules of kindness.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

Catsis Felt industry behaves all of its employees equally. It ensures the employees to use the personal rights fully and accurately. It approaches the employees honestly and fairly, tries to create a non-discriminatory, reliable and healthy working environment. The employees makes the required effort for their personal development.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers / Business Partners

Catsis Felt industry behaves the suppliers and the business partners fairly and respectfully with the perception that the shareholders are in the same boat and as expected from a good customer and the due diligence is exercised to perform our liabilities timely.

Our Responsibilities Towards Our Competitors

Catsis Felt industry only competes in the legal and ethical fields and avoids the unfair competiton. It does not use illegal or unethical methods or make groundless and misleading explanations to obtain a competition power.

Our Responsibilities Towards The Society and Humanity

Catsis Felt industry beginning from the purchase of the raw material, gives priority to the environment, occupational health and safety in all activities such as production, product realization, management. It carefully avoids the unethical behaviors such as bribery, corruption, misconduct.

 Working Ethics and Behaviors

  • Employees of Catsis Felt industry carry out their duties in a egalitarian, transparent, accountable and responsible way.
  • They do not use resources and opportunities of the companies to support the political activities. In the company, they do not carry out any political activities, donate to the political parties and support the political campaigns.
  • They do not express and discuss the political, social and religious ideas in the working environment.
  • They carry out the responsibilities in the employees’ parts to protect and develop the good reputation of the company
  • The employees do not use the information about the company, which is confidential and which has not been made public, for themselves and in others’ favor.
  • The employees may not accept any gifts directly or indirectly about the business of the company, may not take any advantage and may not accept any borrowing from any people or company with whom the company is in a business relationship.
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