Quality Assurance


  • Providing customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement
  • Effective and productive operational process
  • Flawless startup
  • Increase of assortment and market share
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Collaboration with industry suppliers
  • Environmental sensitivity


  • Setting of CATSIS’ correspond obligation of legitimate regulations and other necessities, fulfillment of obligations appropriate to regulations and prosecution with maximum effort
  • To obtain an environmental administration system in accordance with purpose and aim for development and permanence
  • To determine environmental dimensions for a permanent improvement and to prevent environmental pollution with planning and applying precautionary measures.
  • To take measures to minimize waste products during activities and to take steps for recycling, disposal and the opportunity of reuse.
  • Optimum use of natural resources in accordance with sustainable development approach.
  • Establishment and development of environmental protection consciousness among CATSIS’ employees and industry suppliers.
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