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Catsis Felt Industry and Trade Inc.

[Catsis]; Heat and Sound Insulation Sheets, all kinds of Automotive Sheets, Ceiling and Plate Covers, Bitumen Plates, Automotive and White Goods sectors.

Catsis Inc. Since its establishment, we have been researching the technologies required to provide quality products to the sectors that we have been working on and have started to offer high quality products to our customers in the course of these researches. Catsis Inc. Together with the employees in their fields, they are following the demands of the customers and applying their own production concept, the quality consciousness in the automobile to the customer in the best way, the shipping performances with success, the important, fast and correct introduction in the project changes, Is a dynamic company.

Catsis Inc. The successes he has gained in domestic and international tournaments have been the basis of his first major project with TOFAŞ-FIAT and his encounter has gained the power to make sure steps towards the future.

Automotive and White Goods Industry Catsis Inc. The “BITUM” production line, which uses insulation and vibration absorber to meet the needs of its customers by expanding its 2000 product range, has been active. This Production Line represented the innovations of a bold approach and the genuinely productive quality style.

Catsis Inc. has realized the aim of preparing better quality products with its “EXTRUSION LINE”, which it has been active in 2003, with its innovations and increasing quality understanding. Catsis Inc. For the automotive sector, PE-PP and PVC coatings and PVC-based insulators continued to serve production and customers.

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